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NightLight 4-Panel copy.jpg

“. . . Mary Bullock’s works, many of them large-scale, represent plants and flowers with a heady 

lushness.  The two pieces against the gallery’s back wall are the most impressive, with the yellow fronds spread open to absorb sunlight, draped in long shadows in the other.  Light and shadow seem to devour one another in Bullock’s paintings, the lines so sharply rendered, the greens and blacks and purples so deep.

Luminosity Suite 31 mac.jpg

Her close-ups of plant life evoke a sense of jungle thickness or the deepest forgotten realms of the garden when the afternoon sun hangs low and thoughts are most expansive.”

                                                     Brita Brundage

                                        Fairfield County Weekly 

                                                  January 13, 2005

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